2019: Jean-Luc Pasquet Cognac Single Cask Selections: Update #1

Good afternoon brandy nerds. If you’re seeing this update, it means that today – a day I’ve been stoked for, for quite some time, has finally arrived. 

As we’re deep into 2019, you’ve likely seen a whole host of projects and releases to be excited about. I am proud to be bringing you one more. 

If you’re familiar with Cognac, you’ve seen the releases of Hail Yak I (pagestore) and Hail Yak II (pagestore) – two independently bottled and selected Armagnac releases done as a collaboration between Aficionados, l’Encantada and Fine Drams. 

Shortly after wrapping up Hail Yak II, we elected to turn our sights towards Cognac as our next grape based selection. Once again parterning with Fine Drams, we set out to make it happen. Due to Jonas’ (Fine Drams) hard work , we soon were able to taste through a selection of different and uniquely produced Cognacs as a panel and take down our notes. Everything we tasted measured up in various shades of good, to great, to amazing. After several days of deliberation, our cask preferences were clear and our choices made. 

The panel consisted of many faces – some new and some familiar. Let’s say hello. 

  • /u/t8ke : that’s me. I’m around here, and there. Involved in a couple other projects also.
  • /u/texacer : this guy also gets around. He mods one or two things. 
  • /u/g-list : a real nerd among us, g-list brings brandy knowledge in much the same way as his love for rum
  • /u/SaintClive : bourbon tater turned brandy nut, Clive joined us after Hail Yak I and II concluded to help whet his thirst for really good grape juice. Hennessy need not apply for a spot at his table. 
  • /u/xreekinghavocx : longtime fellow brandy lover and his hard work in past releases of the Yak speak for him
  • /u/pent0x : the despicable soul that turned me on to all things Jean-Bon, taking all of my money in the process, pent0x here brings an enormous tenure with brandy to the table
  • /u/scotch_fanatic : Jonas, owner of Fine Drams, helped here also to great effect. If you’ve spoken to him in any capacity, or perused his storefront, you know what he’s about: the good stuff. 

With the introductions out of the way, I’m happy to bring you an update today. Everything with the casks we chose has been finalized and our labeling approved. Please say hello to our next nod to the greatness of the Yak – two casks from Jean-Luc Pasquet in two very exciting vintages. 

Cask 1 for us is a 1973 vintage Cognac from JLP. Distilled from petite champagne and bottled at true cask strength, this bottling comes to us at 50.3% ABV. Displaying rich notes of toffee, tobacco, concord grape and nutty sweetness, this bottling was a great example of oak and fruit, with neither in excess. 

Cask 2 for us is a 1992 vintage Cognac, also from JLP. Distilled from petite champagne as well, this truly cask strength bottling comes to us at a very potent 61.4% ABV. This cask powerfully demonstrated sweet frosting, fruity notes like orange marmalade, blackberry, baked apples and figs. With less oak than Lot 73, this bright, fruity delight was a great yin to the yang of the mustier, more savory cask.

Since labeling is completed and approved, bottling will begin shortly. At this point, bottles will be shipped from France to Denmark where they will hit ingress, and then be available for sale, by the 3cl sample or 70cl bottle, via Fine Drams

For their ages and statistics, the bottles will be available for, what I consider to be, very reasonable prices. Pricing structure:

  • Lot 73 : 172 EUR (w/VAT) | $150 USD 
  • Lot 92 : 117 EUR (w/VAT) | $102 USD

What do you think? Are you excited? Let me know in the questions, along with any questions you may have.