2019: Lous Pibous 24yr L’Encantada 1995 “Hail Yak II” Cask #135

A sample too good to let slip through our fingers, we chose this 24yr Lous Pibous to accompany the original Hail Yak. While we originally thought we’d take just one cask, sometimes life throws you curveballs. This is a 24yr cask of Armagnac from the storied Lous Pibous and was a perfect fit to become the sequel to Hail Yak.

Distiller: Lous Pibous

Bottler: L’Encantada

Importer & Retailer: Fine Drams

Age: 24 Years

ABV: 56.1% ABV

Cask: Cask #135