2019: r/Bourbon New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon : Update #1

Good evening.

As 2019 kicks off there are no doubt many exciting things going on in the Reddit Whiskey communities. I am happy to bring you one more.

In 2019, we will be embarking on another r/bourbon single barrel bourbon selection. This post is to formally serve as an interest check in order to gather information about the quantity of people interested in purchasing one of the bottles that a barrel will yield.

The 2019 r/bourbon single barrel selection will be coming from New Riff this year.

We are looking at the potential of doing a series of picks this year and next to also alleviate sales pressure if we have more demand than supply. This will be spoken to in more detail in a future post, as well as details about the selection committee and logistics for purchasing and sales.

If you are interested in being a part of this next chapter of r/bourbon, and would seriously intend to buy a bottle, please sign up at the link below in order to help us gather the necessary data to guide the rest of the process. Information on pricing, availability and shipping will be available shortly.

Thank you!