2019: r/Bourbon New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon : Update #3

Good evening r/bourbon,

As 2019 is well underway, there are no doubt many exciting things going on in the Reddit Whiskey communities. I am happy to bring you an update regarding r/Bourbon‘s single barrel selection.

The scheduling is taken care of, as is most of the paperwork. That means we’re sort of in the waiting period, but there is much yet to be done.

Todays update comes in the form of a request. Any single cask is chosen by a panel of tasters. Today, I am searching for several tasters to join myself and others to make the selection for r/bourbon.

Ideally, if you’d like to throw your name in the hat, you’ll bring several things to the table:

  • Absolute ability to commit a full day at New Riff in mid October 2019. We don’t make money on any of this, so you’ll be liable to cover your own transportation, lodging, etc. If you aren’t willing to do the work to get there, read no further.
  • You’re a member of the community! I love the ocean of pm’s from people offering their services and their help, because its pretty cool, but in order to contribute to something that is representing the community, you should actually be involved here. Contributions in the form of postings, reviews, well sourced comments, etc are all great.
  • A willingness to do some work during and after the pick. I’m a math guy and would like to present a well written summation of the picking weekend, which means I’ll have some stuff for you to fill out on the day of.

Those are the big three. If you’re a non-lurking member of the community who would be interested in making the effort and commitment of spending a day at New Riff, then please peep this form here in order to cast your self nomination. Please do not nominate anyone other than yourself.

Thanks for reading everyone! Another update to come soon once taster selections are made, and we take a call for naming / artwork suggestions.