2019: r/Bourbon New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon : Update #4

Good afternoon r/bourbon,

I’m happy to announce that a tasting panel has been put together for the 2019 r/bourbon single cask selection. First off, thank you to all that signed up and took the time to express your interest. It was a tough decision, but I’m happy to announce that I have drawn from your submissions, and put together an all star team to help with this selection.

Alongside myself, I will be joined by:

  1. /u/ConfuciusMonkey – a long time member and contributor of the subreddit
  2. /u/BrianRampage – another long time member and contributor who’s tenure outlives my own
  3. /u/ScottMotorrad – a somewhat new face over the last year or two, but a powerhouse reviewer who’s been churning out reviews of value at an impressive pace, covering all manner of bourbons.
  4. /u/LIFOanAccountant – a new face to the sub over the last year or so, but another ambitious reviewer who’s recently wrapped up some real Rosey reviews.
  5. /u/tailg8r – a member of the bourbon community who’s involvement stretches farther back than my own. Respected by many, disrespected by many more (I kid), the gator was a no brainer.

Alright – so quite the panel lined up. We’ll be making the trip to New Riff in late October to pick out our barrel! We’ll spend the day touring, tasting, deliberating, and deciding. I’m looking forward to posting our findings, notes, and our decision after the day wraps up.

On to the next order of business – a label. New Riff and Seelbachs are pretty open to us labeling in the manner we wish. So I need your help, r/bourbon. This is a call for submissions, suggestions or ideas, or just plain feedback on what YOU’d like to see on the label for our first barrel of 2019. Please drop a line in the comments and give me some input. No idea is too crazy, but please keep in mind that we can’t use and Reddit branding on the bottle.

Thanks for reading everyone! Let’s get designing! Following this debate, in parallel with designing, we’ll start to talk about supply and demand, and that fun debacle.