r/Scotch 2019 Single Cask Selection #1 : Update #1

r/Scotch 2019 Single Cask Selection #1 : Update #1

Hey folks! t8ke here with a weekly update on the 2019 r/Scotch Single Cask Selection. Last week I unveiled to you all that this would be a thing, with the promise of information. I’m not always a liar, so here is this weeks update. Here’s the agenda for today:

  1. Where are all those samples? 
  2. Meet the tasting panel!
  3. Answers to some questions from the interest check. 

Let’s get hoppin’.

1. Where Are All Those Samples?

First off, all samples have arrived to the tasting parties. FineDrams has done an awesome job communicating with our broker, and arranged nine completely blinded samples for each tasting panel to try. That’s right, completely blind. No idea on proof, distiller, region, maturation – nothing. That said, in the feedback form every taster will fill out, they will have an opportunity to guess. Which is always fun. I personally expect to go 0/9, because consistency is key, and I’m bad at blinds. 

Here’s a look at the samples, which I know you’ll all enjoy 🙂 

2. Meet the Tasting Panel!

This is where the fun happens! There are several designated leaders, and they will be gathering local members to join them. So, without furter ado, let’s look at who will be leading each panel. 

  • /u/t8ke : that’s me. Centered in the Midwest, I will be tasting with two locals. I’ve been around a while for a review or two, and am looking forward to orchestrating this selection along with r/bourbon’s New Riff later this year. I mod a variety of subs, like r/bourbon and r/whisky, among others. I like long walks on the beach, while fantasizing about TerrePure burning down in the night. 
  • /u/muaddib99 : “U/muaddib99 has been a part of the Reddit Whisky Network for 8 years, and is a moderator on r/scotch r/worldwhisky r/whisky and r/canadawhisky. He’s from Canada and is a co founder of the Toronto Whisky Society.” – there you have it, straight from the Canucks mouth. Several locals will be joining him as well, many of which you’ll recognize. 
  • /u/unclimability : This dude’s alright. Located in Europe, Dave is on staff with Pendaryn Distillery and has tried just a dram or two short of near everything. 
  • /u/texacer : “lord and savior Texacer” was what he replied with when I asked what he wanted for his bio. He’s a humble one. That said, he’s largely responsible for keeping us all together here in the whiskey network. The slightly warm, slightly briney, slightly congealed, slightly sticky glue.
  • /u/dustlesswalnut : Denver, CO, ol’ dusty nuts has been a mod for years and keeps the peace and order. He’ll be tasting with locals as well. 
  • /u/scotchfanatic : Jonas! Owner and operator of Fine Drams, and the spotlight individual in a hit Weezer song. Jonas, a la ScotchFanatic is tasting as well as facilitating the sale of the cask via Fine Drams. If you see him around, buy him a drink, or seven, because he enables us to do really cool shit and he’s a blast to talk to. 

3. Answers to Some Questions

A lot of you left really great comments in the interest check, and I wanted to make sure that some of them were addressed. With 300+ feedback comments, I can’t get to all of them, but I’ve cherry picked a couple that I think are very valuable to answer. 

Cask strength please! 

About a hundred of you requested that this be cask strength. This will definitely be the case, as we are intending for a single cask, cask strength, NCA, NCF release. 

Is there a target region (Highland/Speyside/Islay/etc.)? Age? Cask type? Peated/Unpeated? I’m assuming unchillfiltered & cask strength?

There is no target region. The tasting panel has 9 samples provided to taste, and they are completely blind. All we know is that we are tasting 9 unknown single malt scotch whiskeys. Proof, distiller, age, vintage, maturation, etc are all blinded to each participant, with the exception of Scotch_Fanatic, because he prepared the tasting panel sets. Reveals will be supplied when every taster and their tasters have completed their tastings and submitted their sheets. 

Would love a detailed account of the selection process on the sub! I’ve never participated in something like this, but am fascinated to learn more.

You’re in luck, buckaroo. Like r/bourbon’s New Riff pick, I will be posting updates along each step. 

I’d like to buy other products as well. 

You can do this! When it’s time to check out with your r/scotch selection bottle, you will be able to add other bottles or samples(!!!) from Fine Drams online store. 

t8ke is an asshole who has poor hygiene. 

I know bby <3 <3

Have you narrowed down the list of potential distillers the barrel may come from, and can you disclose them?

All blind, all day! We’ll know when all tasting is done! 

That’s it for this update, folks! I’ll have another update as the tasting teams are doing their work and their submissions come in. As we approach completion of the tasting portion, I like to compute and throw together statistics, which will be posted here for all to see. Then, following that, we’ll start talking labeling 🙂 

Any questions? Hit me in the comments! Remember, if you missed the interest check, please go see the original post, and sign up!