r/Scotch 2019 Single Cask Selection #1 : Update #3

r/Scotch 2019 Single Cask Selection #1 : Update #3

Hey folks! t8ke here for another update. This will be a shorter one, but an exciting one. As you read before, we’ve selected two great casks for the community that rock. Now it’s time to talk labeling. 

We have two draft labels approved by Morrison & MacKay, but I wanted to post them here for the community to see first. Originally we planned to show them here, gather feedback, and make changes, but Morrison & MacKay let us know their bottling schedule and bottling could either take place right away, or much much later in the year since they are swamped. Since we all want to drink scotch sooner than later, and Brexit looming could mean a huge bottle price increase, we elected for right away. Kind of a bump in the road, but not a catastrophe. If you’re really into designing labels, hop on over to the r/bourbon single barrel project and help us design there!

Without further ado – here are the labels for 2019’s r/Scotch single cask selections!

What do you think? 

For those wondering where we go from here – bottling of these casks will be done very shortly. From there, there is just transport and ingress to Fine Drams and then we are off to the races. We’re in the home stretch, folks!

Any questions? Hit me in the comments! Remember, if you missed the previous update post, you can find it here.. Next week’s update will have more tasting notes, and we’ll start talking about labeling.