Aficionados x Fine Drams Jean-Luc Pasquet Single Cask Cognac Release Now Available

Good afternoon brandy nerds. If you’re seeing this update, it means that today is sale day! 

Return of the Yak

Everything with the casks we chose has been finalized and our Jean-Luc Pasquet casks of Lot 73 and Lot 92 petite champagne Cognac are now for sale! 

Cask 1 for us is a 1973 vintage Cognac from JLP. Distilled in Petite Champagne and bottled at true cask strength, this bottling comes to us at 50.3% ABV. Displaying rich notes of toffee, tobacco, concord grape and nutty sweetness, this bottling was a great example of oak and fruit, with neither in excess. 

Cask 2 for us is a 1992 vintage Cognac, also from JLP. Distilled in Petite Champagne as well, this truly cask strength bottling comes to us at a very potent 61.4% ABV. This cask powerfully demonstrated sweet frosting, fruity notes like orange marmalade, blackberry, baked apples and figs. With less oak than Lot 73, this bright, fruity delight was a great yin to the yang of the mustier, more savory cask of Lot 73.

Both bottlings are now for sale via Fine Drams

Pricing structure:

  • Lot 73 : 172 EUR (w/VAT) | $150 USD 
  • Lot 92 : 117 EUR (w/VAT) | $102 USD

If you’d like to buy samples or bottles of one or either of these, please head on over to Fine Drams to make your purchase. 




NOTE: This selection will be handled through a licensed retailer in order to recognize, and abide by, Reddit’s recent Terms of Service updates. Casks will be selected at and all transactions will be handled by FineDrams, an Internationally Licensed Retailer in order to ensure a smooth, and legitimate, process that meets the letter of Reddit’s Terms of Service

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