Name: Aficionados

Background: Established in 2017, this group running through the Discord platform is a collection of spirits enthusiasts known for picking casks and barrels that span the world of spirits.

How many members are in your group? Are you a public group, or a private group? There are roughly 1,000 people in Aficionados right now, overseen by a mod team of 5. We are a public group.

If you’re accepting new members, what are dues, if any? It is free to join Aficionados, and there are no requirements or dues. Members of the server help provide input for future selections and have first dibs in purchasing, as well.

How often does your group meet?

The group doesn’t meet formally, since we are spread across the globe.

Is your group currently doing barrel picks? We are! In 2019 we did 2 Armagnacs (Hail Yak I and II), 2 Cognacs (JLP), 3 Rums (2 for r/rum and DOK)

If so, what is your groups favorite barrel selection? Do you have anything from your barrel picking adventures that you remember fondly, or would like to share? 

I’m a big fan of the 1973 Jean-Luc Pasquet we were able to select. That was wild. Another favorite is the madness going on that was our DOK bottling, featuring absurdly high ester rum from Hampden Estate in Jamaica.

If you feel like sharing, how many selections have you done in the past? What were they? Where would you like to pick in the future? Any pipe dreams?

We have done 8 selections so far. The dream is to get something from GlenDronach, when we can.

What’s your favorite experience with your group?

Discussion around the Rasaay (Beastie Boys on Broadway, Second Act) distillery.

Tell me anything you’d like the world to know about your group:

Come join our ranks! If you’re into spirits, or just want to learn more, we’re a cool collective doing great things with spirits, in an accessible way.

Additional Thoughts:

Macallan 30 is pisswater. Not really. 😉

Introduction provided by t8ke – moderator and member of Aficionados