5 Sentidos Destilado Batch Exclusively for Aficionados:

4 Maguey Ensamble:

  • 45% Bicuishe
  • 25% Coyote
  • 25% Tepextate
  • 5% Madrecuixe

Produced by Atenogenes Garcia in San Isidro Guishe, Oaxaca.

47.5% ABV

70 bottles. $115 – Seelbach’s

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It’s crisp, has a lot of fruit initially, with some nice minerality and clay smoke in the finish. The tep comes through really cleanly, without being a vegetable bomb. I get a really big mango + cut grass vibe on the nose. It’s pretty aromatic. ABV carries nicely, it’s 47.5% ABV.

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