Review #861 – Privateer: The Queen’s Share Rum

“Queen’s Share rum was known to be the best barrels in a distillery & reserved for royalties special occasions. It takes meticulous distilling, additional cut collection, re-distillation, & extended aging to fulfill it’s promise of dense flavor & plush texture. Sadly it became a victim of bottom lines & large volume manufacturing. We take great pride in being a part of this traditional rum’s revival.”

Review #796 – Westland Single Cask #118, Astor Selection

​Review #796 | /r/Bourbon Review #437 – Westland Single Cask #118, Astor’s Selection The Schtick: This is a single cask of Westland spirit that is aged in Garryana oak. Distiller: Westland (Seattle, WA) Bottler: Westland ABV: 55.8% ABV Age: NAS Source: Sample Nose: Sweet vanilla, baking spices, pungent fruit, grassy, some wet cardboard, Splenda. Taste: Sweet confectioner sugar, think to medium mouth feel. …