Review #847 – Hooker’s House Sonoma Style High Rye Pinot Noir Finished Bourbon

This is an interesting Bourbon, sourced from Kentucky and finished, then barreled, by Prohibition Spirits under the Hooker’s House line. It is 4 years old, before it makes a hop and a skip over to California for a 9 month stay in Schug Pinot Noir barrels. It features a pretty robustly rye forward mashbill, clocking in at 54% corn and 46% rye.

Review #798 – Pinhook Straight Rye, Lot 001

Review #798 | /r/Bourbon Review #438 – Pinhook Straight Rye, Lot 001 The Schtick: This is a 2 year MGP distilled 95/5 rye. The name is both coincidental and ironic, given the definition of pinhooking in the Midwest. Distiller: MGP / LDI (Indiana) Bottler: Pinhook ABV: 46.25% ABV Age: NAS Source: Sample Nose: Grassy, minty, floral, pretty muted overall. Taste: Clove, mint, young …