Review #929 – Ron Relicario Dominicano Supremo

This was a bottle that I tried blind and I reviewed live on the Whiskey Network Discord server, then got the reveal in order to fill in relevant details here.

This is a blend of 10 to 15 year old rums distilled and bottled in the Dominican Republic. They are not particularly great at explaining anything about their distilling process, or their distilling history, or whether or not they dose and color their products, so that’s about par for some courses here.

Review #927 – Kaniche XO Double Wood Rum

This is a Barbados rum that is aged in Panama and matured in two types of casks. It also appears to leave Barbados, bound for Panama, to see some time in a cognac cask as well.

Overall, this brand is pretty bad about communicating what is distilled and aged where, which isn’t surprising given the provenance of who owns it, but this expression appears to be a true Barbados rum that is shipped and aged in Panama before being shipped to France for bottling, or extra aging.

Review #926 – 1792 Full Proof, MC’s Package Store Selection

1792 Full Proof is typically a small batch, proofed release from Barton in Kentucky. Bottled at 125pf, it is hard to tell what the original barrel proof was for these releases, but all the same, 62.5% ABV isn’t a bad number to run with. This is very similar to Knob Creek’s Single Barrel Reserve, which is a release consistently diluted to 60% ABV and I like those all the way from fine to amazing. In this series, I’m comparing a variety of Single Barrel releases from the Full Proof lineup, selected by various stores, vendors and societies in the USA.

Review #893 – Edradour 8yr 2007 Grand Arome Rum Cask Finish

​Review #893 | /r/Scotch Review #300 – Edradour 8yr 2007 Grand Arome Rum Cask Finish The Schtick: This is a release from Edradour, who is owned by Sigantory Vintage. It is matured in Grand Arome rum casks (can’t say I’ve run into these before). Distiller: Edradour Bottler: Edradour (Signatory Vintage) ABV: 46% ABV Age: 8 Years Nose: Bredy, sweet. Loads of …

Review #888 – Don Q Gran Anejo

This is a solera vatted rum containing contents “up to 12 years old, but between 9 and 12 years old” with no disclosed proportions combined with some portion of “solera rums up to 50 years” aged in sherry casks. In other words, there can be just about anything here at any age between 9 and 50 years. No word on dosing or coloring, which means both are potentially likely. I tasted it blind, and then got the reveal to populate the review with useful details.

Review #884 – Glenfiddich XX

“The second release in Glenfiddich’s Experimental Series is their Project XX expression, which was made not simply by one Malt Master, but 20! 20 Malt Masters were invited to the Glenfiddich distillery and invited them to pick any expression from the thousands of casks maturing in the warehouse. The 20 chosen whiskies were then married by Malt Master Brian Kinsman to create this single malt you see before your eyes.” – Master of Malt

Review #880 – Stranahan’s Snowflake #20: Quandary Peak

This is a limited edition release from Stranahan’s in Colorado. They distill American single malt whiskey, and often sport fun maturations, finishes, and blends for the Snowflake releases. Named Quandary Peak, this is their twentieth release. It begins by being matured for 24 months in new oak barrels, and then goes off to be finished in a variety of casks before being blended back together.