Review #972 – Maker’s Mark Private Selection, Westport Wine and Whiskey, 10th Anniversary Selection

A barrel selection at Maker’s Mark is unique, though, in that you choose a combination of staves to mature in a barrel, and that barrel is bottled. This is different from almost any other barrel selection process on the market. For better or for worse, this creates a very different product than their core line of expressions. I’ve set out to try approximately a dozen of these various private selections, completely blind, to gather my thoughts on how their releases are shaking out.

Review #971 – Highland Park 13yr Single Cask Nation 2004 “Stones of Stenness”, Hello From The Magic Tavern Collaboration

This is a bottling of Highland Park spirit by Single Cask Nation – an Independent Bottler known by the Jewish Whiskey Company. This is distilled at an Orkney Distillery that isn’t Scapa, as the cheeky documentation notes, so it’s very clear where this was distilled. This was branded as a collaboration between SCN and Hello From The Magic Tavern, an improvisational comedy podcast. I don’t really know why this collaboration is a thing, but it has spawned a creative label for the bottle.

Review #957 – Bunnahabhain 13yr Limited Edition Marsala Finish

​Review #957 | Scotch Review #320 – Bunnahabhain 13yr Marsala Finish Limited Edition The Schtick: This is an older limited edition hailing from Bunnahabhain that was finished in Marsala casks before being bottled. Distiller: Bunnahabhain Bottler: Bunnahabhain ABV: 46.3% ABV Age: 13 Years Nose: Honey, rich syrupy fruits. Less overstated than the PX, which is nice. Lots of apple, pear, raspberry, …

Review #954 – Four Roses Private Selection OESF, Tippin’s Market + Greater Detroit American Whiskey Society Selection

Four Roses releases single barrels of a specific recipe at cask strength as their private pick program. This is one of the best values in cask strength bourbon that heralds quality and availability, in my personal opinion. This particular barrel was selected in a collaboration by Tippin’s Market and the Greater Detroit American Whiskey Society in Michigan and features the OESF mashbill which uses 20% rye.

Review #953 – Mannochmore 22yr Gordon & MacPhail 1994 Bounty Hunter Selection

This is my first brush with a Mannochmore expression. It is bottled by Gordon & MacPhail after being selected by Bounty Hunter Wine in Napa, California. It is aged in sherry casks and bottled at cask strength without coloring or filtering.

For those of you that don’t know of, or haven’t heard of Mannochmore, that’s alright. I hadn’t until I bought this. Mannochmore was founded in 1971 by Haig & Co and produced spirit until 1985 when it was shuttered for 7 years. After several years of producing grain whiskey, it produced its first single malt in 1992. This expression was distilled in 1994, so shortly after their malt beginnings.

Review #932 – 1792 Full Proof, Rural Inn Selection, Summer 2016

This is day 5 in my short series investigating various 1792 Full Proof Selections.

1792 Full Proof is typically a small batch, proofed release from Barton in Kentucky. Bottled at 125pf, it is hard to tell what the original barrel proof was for these releases, but all the same, 62.5% ABV isn’t a bad number to run with. This is very similar to Knob Creek’s Single Barrel Reserve, which is a release consistently diluted to 60% ABV and I like those all the way from fine to amazing. In this series, I’m comparing a variety of Single Barrel releases from the Full Proof lineup, selected by various stores, vendors and societies in the USA.