Review #888 – Don Q Gran Anejo

This is a solera vatted rum containing contents “up to 12 years old, but between 9 and 12 years old” with no disclosed proportions combined with some portion of “solera rums up to 50 years” aged in sherry casks. In other words, there can be just about anything here at any age between 9 and 50 years. No word on dosing or coloring, which means both are potentially likely. I tasted it blind, and then got the reveal to populate the review with useful details.

Review #882 – Rumfire Hampden Overproof Jamaican Potstill Rum

​Review #882 | /r/Rum Review #44 – Rumfire Overproof Jamaican Rum The Schtick: This is an overproof, unaged release from Jamaican distillers at Hampden Estate. Distiller: Hampden Estate (Jamaica) Bottler: Hampden, For Aiko Importers ABV: 63% ABV Age: N/A Nose: Super sweet and fruit. Confectioners sugar, vanilla icing. Pineapple, mango, guava, rotting banana. Noticeably clean of rubber, acetone, or really dirty …