Series Wrapup

1792 Full Proof: A Short Case Study

Howdy folks, t8ke here. As you know by this point, I like to wrap up series with a word or two. Even though this series was a bit shorter than the last couple mega series I’ve done this year (Knob Creek Rodeo, Craft Whiskey Crackdown ), I still felt it was worth it to see how the series went and get, and give, some feedback.

Overall, I tried 6 different Full Proof single barrel selections done by various stores and groups. If you’ve been sleeping, 1792 Full Proof is typically a batched bourbon, that is touted as full proof.

The Craft Whiskey Crackdown: 2018, First Annual, Wrapup

The last couple weeks, I took the time to try and review 24 various “craft” whiskey offerings. The results were pretty surprising. There were some winners, there were some definite losers. There was TerrePure. Check out the wrap up for my first annual Craft Whiskey Crackdown – a new project I’ll be doing every year to see how things change and improve with America’s underdog whiskey producers.