Discord October Mystery Swap

Use this form to sign up for the Whiskey Network Discord October Mystery Swap. 

Rules: You will send at least 3x2oz samples to your partner that are mysteries. Please send 3 samples from bottles at least $30 in value (700mo or 750ml). Additional samples are not required, but welcome. Preferences are preferences to help guide your sender. Your sender will not be a mystery, but what they send will be.

Hold on to your reveal until they contact you asking for the reveal. Failing to hold up your end of the swap will blacklist you from all future Discord events.

You will be provided your match and their preference (bourbon, scotch, both, any other spirit) when signups wrap up on October 17th, 2018. You will then pack and ship by October 24th, 2018. You will be expected to adhere to this time table. 

Unfortunately, at this time, this is only available for members of the United States. If you are international and wish to participate, ping me and I will see if I can find another international member who is willing. 

I reserve the right to exclude anyone, for any reason at all, at my discretion, without notice.