DOK T-Shirt Signup

Hey folks,

It’s time to wear the DOK, embrace the funk.

T-Shirts will feature the DOK icon on front pocket, and the full logo on the back. White design on black shirt. Short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirt, each with pocket.

Cost should stay under $25 shipped for one shirt. If you want more than one shirt, or want one of both styles, you can either fill the form twice, or email me once your first submission is generated (email and I will adjust your total.

Cost may change just slightly as the order grows or shrinks – but I am committed to keeping these inexpensive and shippable without any overhead on my end. Large quantities of XL+ sizes can skew things, and I will ensure to have everything shipped here since I can ship cheaper than the vendor.

I am electing to support a local business than an online t-shirt farm. If you want a $3 t-shirt, go there instead.