Ethics Statement

I’m a writer but I do not make money from my work for There is no paid advertising on my site. I strive to give people an easy, elegant, tracker and ad free reading experience.

I may occasionally accept samples from producers, importers and curious strangers. Most typically these will reflect products I can’t buy in my local market.

I make every attempt to locate or purchase the overwhelming majority of my review archive and you can be sure that what I’m writing reflects my honest opinions.

At no point will a significant share of my review archive be comprised of producer supplied samples. I will always strive to have 95%+ represent products I have sourced myself. Currently, 0.18% of my archive features producer supplied product, 99+% of the archive is personally sourced. This figure is updated weekly.

If you’re concerned, you may assume every review of mine is in some way sponsored, but I hope you will read along with me and see that my writing is genuine. I take great care to do the best I can do in all things I do.

If you have any questions, never hesitate to Contact Me.