If you only care about the cream of the crop, this collection of guides is just for you. All spirits with more than 100 reviews in the archive are eligible to have a Top Of page. Along with these, you can find my guides on weekly Wine Digests, as well as Glassware and other items of interest.

If you’re looking for a collection of all reviews, you can find more than 1600 reviews of all manner of spirits in The Complete Review Archive.

Top 100 Whiskeys

Whiskey makes up the largest segment of the review archive here at With over 1,000 whiskeys reviewed so far, the Top 100 Whiskeys are collected for easy browsing. Top Whiskey contains all manner of whiskey, from all over the world

Weekly Wine Digest

Wine is a huge, staggering, deeply nuanced universe of its own. I’ve been drinking wine for years, but am not a hyper tuned wine buyer and reviewer. That said, I’ve been taking down notes for a long time, and decided this spring to finally share them. Each week I discuss 2-4 bottles of wine, typically $20 and under, and the foods I paired them with, to give you a taste of another beverage category.

Glassware Guide

With an industry full of diverse, unique and usually expensive glassware – I take the time to discuss each type of glassware in my cabinet, as well as the spirits I prefer to use with each. From the preposterous Spigleau Willesberger, to the tried and true Glencairn glass, if you’ve ever found yourself curious about the glassware you see in a review – this is the guide for you.

Top 50 American Whiskeys

American Whiskey is a wide collection of bourbon, rye, American single malt, and others. Use this ever changing guide to track my 50 top American Whiskeys of all time. With over 500 reviews in this category, this Top 50 table should be all you need to keep an eye on the best American whiskey through the years.

Top 50 Scotch Whiskeys

Much like the Top 50 American Whiskey table, I have also created one for Scotch Whiskey, that will also stay up to date. Having reviewed well in excess of 500 Scotch Whiskeys, this top 50 guide is your resource to keep an eye on the greats I have tasted over the years.