Bluegrass BB&T

Name Explained:  Bluegrass Bourbon Buy and Trade

Founded: Fall 2015, Kentucky 

Origin Story: ” Formed originally by a group of Lexingtonian bourbon drinking friends, the purpose of the group was to provide a forum where locals could buy, sell, and trade American whiskies with each other without dealing with the hassle and risks of shipping, while also providing the accountability of dealing with real people that you were likely connected to on level outside of bourbon. In addition, its purpose was to try and keep prices below “national secondary” levels by promoting the value of keeping bottles local and among friends. At times, the administrators have instituted “price limits” on certain allocated bottles such as Elmer T. Lee and Weller 12 in order to combat the ridiculousness of the national secondary market, though these have largely disappeared now. As the years have come along and other avenues for secondary market trading have appeared, the group’s purpose steadily changed and early in 2017 the group developed a relationship with a local liquor retailer to start barrel picks.  Since then, the purpose of the group has really been to connect its members more socially and to provide as many quality barrel picks for its members as possible.”

Membership: 1600 Members, Admittance by invite only

Notable Selections:

  • Bluegrass Beast 11 Year Blend of Straight Whiskeys (J. Mattingly x Mythical Beast Collaboration)
  • Buffalo Trace “Tipsy Buffalo”
  • Knob Creek Single Barrel Rye “Rye-Noe”
  • O.K.I 12 Year Single Barrel Bourbon “Rickey Bobby”
  • New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon (Upcoming)


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Other Information

How often does your group meet?

Group members meet informally on a regular basis (i.e. members will suggest meeting up at certain bourbon bars or at particular releases or other events in town).

Do you have anything from your barrel picking adventures that you remember fondly, or would like to share?

Personally, my two favorite barrel selections I actually had nothing to do with. The first is an O.K.I. 12 year Single Barrel Bourbon called “Rickey Bobby.”  This is my favorite MGP bourbon I have ever tasted. It is absolute candy corn; almost impossible to believe.  Its sister barrel picked on the same day, “Early Bird” is also delicious in its own right and both are highly coveted locally (each yielded less than 80 bottles).  My other favorite pick, I’m almost embarrassed to say is the Bluegrass Beast.  I’m sure an entire article could get written on this bottling and the story around it, but I’ll just say that I was VERY surprised at the quality of the blend and I really have to tip my hat to the picking and blending crew that sacrificed many hours slaving away at something they could be proud of.

What’s your favorite experience with your group? 

My favorite experience was probably going on the Tipsy Buffalo pick. It was my first barrel pick and Buffalo Trace really provides a half-day long experience of tours and tasting and really do it up well.  It was obvious that everybody doing the pick took the “job” seriously and I think we came away with a barrel of Buffalo Trace I actually enjoy drinking (which I can’t say very often about regular BT).

Tell me anything you’d like the world to know about your group:

I’m sure that the goofy stickers on a lot of our picks make people roll their eyes, but I have to say that after having gone on a couple of these picks and seeing the core tasting team at work, they really do have decades of whisky drinking experience and have come away with bottles that have really impressed me time and time again.  It’s clear that they take putting “Bluegrass BB&T” to mean something on their bottles and have walked away from barrel picks in the past because there were simply no options that justified the association.  Not bad for a group designed for taters!