K&L Wines

Background: K&L Wines is a wine, beer and spirits retailer in California. They have several locations and focus on all facets of the retail market, including importing and single barrel sourcing. Some popular names that are hosted by KLWines are the Faultline collaboration releases and their partnership with Douglas Laing to bring Old Particular Single Cask scotch to shelves. 

Founded:  K&L was founded in Millbrae, California in 1976 by Todd Zucker and Clyde Beffa Jr. There are currently three brick and mortar locations: San Francisco, Redwood City, and Hollywood. They employ an extensive staff that continues to grow.

K&L Wines Private Selections

Review #Selection Rank
79Glenfarclas Faultline Casks, K&L Wines Selection8
95Glenfarclas 24yr K&L Wines Selection 19908
227Caol Ila 6yr Hepburns Choice, K&L Selection7
311Four Roses Private Selection 8yr11mo OBSQ K&L Wines Selection7
384Clement Rhum Agricole Single Cask, K&L Wines Selection6
415Sovereign 51yr Malt Whisky 1964 Vintage, K&L Wines Selection8
426Sovereign 51yr Grain Whisky, K&L Wines Selection8
439Villa Zarri 24yr Italian Estate Brandy 1994 Single Cask, L&L Wines Selection6
474Faultline 17yr CUrriBbeAN Rum, K&L Selection6
489Chateau de Pellehaut 17yr Armagnac 2000 Vintage, K&L Selection6
490Chateau de Pellehaut 31yr Armagnac 1986 Vintage7
491Chateau de Pellehaut 44yr Armagnac 1973 Vintage7
528Cameronbridge 25yr Old Particular 1991 Single Cask, K&L Selection5
545Glenallachie 11yr Hepburns Choice, K&L Selection7
547Dailuaine 9yr Hepburns Choice, K&L Selection6
606Old Potrero Single Barrel Straight Rye Chardonnay Finished, K&L Selection2
607Caol Ila 33yr Old Particular 1984 Single Cask, K&L Selection8
640Laphroaig 16yr Signatory Vintage 1997 Single Cask, K&L Selection9
759Cambus 25yr Old Particular 1991 Single Cask, K&L Selection6
761Carsebridge 33yr Old Particular 1982 Single Cask, K&L Selection7
785Bunnahabhain 10yr Old Particular 2007 Single Cask, K&L Selection5
797Benrinnes 10yr Old Particular 2007 Single Cask, K&L Selection7
905Arran 20yr Old Particular 1997 Single Cask, K&L Selection6
944Review #944 - Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon, K&L Wines 13yr Selection Barrel #52537