Single Cask Nation

Background: Founded in 2010 after an idea struck on Thanksgiving Day, Single Cask Nation released their retail line of products in 2017 and continues to hunt down exclusive and exciting casks from distilleries in Scotland and beyond for their Special Products releases. 

Since two of the three founders are of Jewish descent or related to someone of Jewish descent, the name Jewish Whiskey Company was chosen. While their whiskey isn’t kosher, they believe strongly in putting all pertinent information on their labels in order to give buyers an opportunity to decide for themselves whether a particular bottle is a good fit for them. 

2019 brings some exciting changes for Single Cask Nation – expansion beyond the United States. In 2019, bottles of SCN provenance will be available in the USA, Canada and Europe. 

Single Cask Nation has also made themselves quite a name in the Americas for their close working relationship with Wild Turkey. They’ve released several single barrels, at cask strength, thanks to a close relationship with Campari and the Russell’s.

For more information about Single Cask Nation, please check out their podcast: One Nation Under Whiskey. 

Single Cask Nation Private Selections

Review #SelectionRank
  • Review #341. Westland Single Cask Nation
  • 5
  • Review #649. Single Cask Nation MGP 11yr C+S Selection
  • 7
  • Review #709 – Single Cask Nation: Wild Turkey Single Cask #3426
  • 7
  • Review #967 – Tamdhu 10yr Single Cask Nation 2007 Rye Finished
  • 8
  • Review #969 – Glen Moray 12yr Single Cask Nation 2004 Madeira Cask
  • 7
  • Review #971 – Highland Park 13yr Single Cask Nation 2004 “Stones of Stenness”, Hello From The Magic Tavern Collaboration
  • 7
  • Review #973 – Laphroaig 5yr Single Cask Nation 2011
  • 8
  • Review #975 – Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 14yr Single Cask Nation 2002 First Fill Oloroso
  • 9