r/Scotch 2019 Single Cask Selection : Bottles Available for Sale!

r/Scotch 2019 Single Cask Selection #1 : Update #4 – Final Update

Hey folks! t8ke here for another update. This will be the final update, because today is the long awaited day everyone has been looking forward to! It’s sale day. 

Both casks have been bottled, shipped to Fine Drams and properly processed at ingress. They are now ready for sale. 

You can follow these links to find the Fine Drams sale page. Fine Drams will handle all necessary sales steps. 

For reference, here are the bottle counts for each cask:

Their costs are below, and their sale page is linked: 

You are free to add other bottlessamplesand glassware to your order while checking out to make better use of the shipping costs. 

For those of you in the US concerned about customs, do not fear. Fine Drams handles the customs clearance in the US for you. The price you pay when placing your order is the final price. You will not be required to pay anything further. They only handle customs for those in the US. For any other country outside the EU, you have to pay customs yourself.

Once your bottles are ordered, they will take days up to 2 weeks or so to arrive in most cases. Once they have arrived, crack em open and let us know what you think! I can’t wait to see how everyone enjoys these casks. 

Thanks, everyone for following along with this amazing project, and now I hope everyone enjoys the fruits of our labor as much as we enjoyed doing it. We couldn’t do it without you! 



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