Review #101. Kilkerran Work In Progress 6 Sherry

Review #101 | /r/Scotch Review #37 – Kilkerran Work In Progress #6 – Sherry

The Schtick: This comes from the Glengyle distillery. This is a yearly release from Kilkerran displaying a different maturation. This is #6 which features sherry wood.

Distiller: Kilkerran (Glengyle)

Bottler: Kilkerran

ABV: 46% ABV

Age: 10 Years

Source: Sample

Nose: It’s sweet and smokey and the sherry peeks through. To be honest, I didn’t have any idea what a typical Kilkerran profile is but I love the marrying of the sweet and smokey. The sherry is a great touch on top.

Taste: Honey, smoke and sherry sit at the front. I get a lot of similar notes as some of the lighter Bruichladdich’s I’ve had in the past which is interesting given the regional difference. It’s like a delicious barbecue in my mouth but with sherry introduced as well.

Finish: Medium long and gentle. Well blended. The sherry really shines here peeking through the smoke. I like that the smoke is a bit heavier in the finish. Very savory.

Overall: Interesting but delicious. It’s a good product from Kilkerran.

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Rank: 6


1 | Disgusting | So bad I poured it out.

2 | Poor | I wouldn’t consume by choice.

3 | Bad | Multiple flaws.

4 | Sub-par | Not bad, but many things I’d rather have.

5 | Good | Good, just fine.

6 | Very Good | A cut above.

7 | Great | Well above average

8 | Excellent | Really quite exceptional.

9 | Incredible | An all time favorite

10 | Perfect | Perfect

—-rage: 83.39 | This Review: +2.61

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