Review #102. Auchentoshan Valinch 2012

Review #102 | /r/Scotch Review #38 – Auchentoshan Valinch 2012

The Schtick: This is a yearly cask strength release from Auchentoshan.

Distiller: Auchentoshan

Bottler: Auchentoshan

ABV: 57.1% ABV

Age: NAS

Source: Sample

Nose: Vanilla and some strong wood noted followed by wine and what smells like grape PX sweetness. Sugary, syrupy and thick on the fruit. I don’t think this is a wine finished whiskey but damn does it smell like it.

Taste: Thicker on the tongue than I expected, there’s some atringent plastics, some wine and gruity sweetness and a bit of thick cream. Someone make a dick joke, I dare you. It’s pretty delicious overall but would be truly amazing if not for that bitter astringent plasticy note.

Finish: Long but hot. Artificially sweet and thick and lots of plastic.

Overall: The tail end of the tasting notes and the finish really cripple it. I like that it is cask strength and sort of unique but the taste just can’t hold up.

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Rank: 5


1 | Disgusting | So bad I poured it out.

2 | Poor | I wouldn’t consume by choice.

3 | Bad | Multiple flaws.

4 | Sub-par | Not bad, but many things I’d rather have.

5 | Good | Good, just fine.

6 | Very Good | A cut above.

7 | Great | Well above average

8 | Excellent | Really quite exceptional.

9 | Incredible | An all time favorite

10 | Perfect | Perfect

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