Review #1042 – Invergordon 43yr Exclusive Malts 1972

Review #1042 | Scotch Review #357 – Invergordon 43yr Exclusive Malts 1972

The Schtick: This is an independent bottling of a single grain whiskey that was distilled at Invergordon. It was bottled by the Exclusive Malts after being matured in a refill barrel and bottled at cask strength.

Distiller: Invergordon

Bottler: The Exclusive Malts

ABV: 48.2% ABV

Age: 43 Years

Cask Number: #12

Distilled: December 13th, 1972

Bottle: One of 229 Produced

Nose: Honey, rich toffee. Apples, pears and fresh cut melon. Almost a honey dew note. Light pepper.

Taste: Medium mouth feel. No real heat at all. Vanilla, rich toffee, and apple crumble. Heat grows mildly. Melon. Light pepper. Tobacco, rich oak presence. Pear.

Finish: Long, mild tobacco. Faint musty character. Good oak structure without being overbearing. Apples, pears, vanilla bean, honey and faint toffee.

Overall: This was really nice. I’ve found a lot of older grain whiskeys to perform really well, and this was no exception. The fruitiness, the tobacco and musty character and the well balanced oak was very nice. I really enjoyed this.

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Rank: 7


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