Review #1047 – Kavanagh 12yr Irish Whiskey

Review #1047 | World Whiskey Review #41 – Kavanagh 12yr Irish Whiskey

The Schtick: This is a pot stilled Irish whiskey that is 12 years old. There is very little other info out there on it, other than it’s provenance hailing from the Teeling distillery. I have a feeling distillate that didn’t work for other products ended up in this expression.

Distiller: Teeling

Bottler: Teeling

ABV: 40% ABV

Age: 12 Years

Nose: Peach rings, candy, confectioners sugar. Light, thin, effervescent. Ethanol is definitely present.

Taste: Thin with no heat. Vanilla cream, charcoal bitterness, short overall without a lot going on. Peach ring candy note is here, though.

Finish: Short, vanilla, loaded with a thin astringent note. Some more peach candy.

Overall: This really wasn’t good, and unfortunately showcased a lot of flaws. Being sourced, I can tell that whoever distilled this spirit probably expressed some happiness at being able to pawn it off on a different label. Far from the worst I’ve ever had, but the youth and astringency were generally off putting, in combination with being wholly unremarkable.

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Rank: 3


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