Review #1048 – Ledaig 22yr Gordon & MacPhail 1994, Bounty Hunter Selection

Review #1048 | Scotch Review #359 – Ledaig 22yr Gordon & MacPhail 1994 Bounty Hunter Selection

The Schtick: This is an independent bottling of peated distillate produced at Tobermory. It was bottled by Gordon & MacPhail and selected for the Napa retailer, Bounty Hunter. It is bottled at cask strength with no filtering or coloring.

Distiller: Ledaig (Tobermory)

Bottler: Gordon & MacPhail

ABV: 53.3% ABV

Age: 22 Years

Nose: Syrupy Dole fruit syrup, pears, plastic, waxed fruits. Oddly Clylelish like. Toffee. Super buttery. I expected a big earthy mineral hit and there’s hardly any of that here. Waffles. Bread-y buttery sweetness.

Taste: Really sweet. Very prominent toffee, caramel, vanilla. Sweet, with some salty minerality. Light ash and smoke, but it’s faint. Rich apple pie notes: maple, apples, pastry.

Finish: Short, ashy, some plastic notes here. More smoky than sweet. Light earthiness.

Overall: This was a really unique dram, and very off profile for Ledaig. The monster fruit character and accompanying sweetness in the palate was really interesting, but I don’t feel compelled to buy a bunch more.

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Rank: 6

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