Review #1066 – Cragganmore 12yr

Review #1066 | Scotch Review #365 – Cragganmore 12yr

The Schtick: This is a 12 year age stated release from Cragganmore, one of Diageo’s Classic Malts. Cragganmore lies in the Speyside region, as useless of a classification as that may be, and features some proportion of sherried malt.

Distiller: Cragganmore

Bottler: Cragganmore (Diageo)

ABV: 40% ABV

Age: 12 Years

Nose: Sweet, fresh baked bread. Toffee, caramel apple. Light amaretto and toasted almond. Faint pear.

Taste: Medium mouth feel, no real heat. Sweet toffee and caramel, light vanilla bean. Light toasted almonds. Faint oak presence, some sweet, bready notes. Light icing.

Finish: Short, but no heat here, either. Caramel apple, almonds, vanilla, toffee.

Overall: Not super complex, but entirely enjoyable. I am sort of kicking myself for taking so long to try this, and I thoroughly enjoyed working through this bottle. It won’t blow your mind, but not every dram needs to.

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Rank: 5


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