Review #1075 – Glenfiddich 19yr ‘Age of Discovery’ Madeira Cask

Review #1075 | Scotch Review #368 – Glenfiddich 19yr Age of Discovery, Madeira Cask Finish

The Schtick: This is an interesting release from Glenfiddich featuring 19yr spirit that was matured in Madeira casks. 

Distiller: Glenfiddich

Bottler: Glenfiddich

ABV: 40% ABV

Age: 19 Years

Nose: Sweet bread, apples, honey. Light fig. Jammy currants. Leather, faint spice, like clove and cinnamon. Vanilla cream. Very muted, overall. 

Taste: Thin mouth feel. No heat, though. Vanilla, some leather. Light tobacco note. Faint sweetness, some jammy blackberry. Musty. 

Finish: Short, abysmally one noted. Vanilla, cinnamon and light currant. Then it’s gone. 

Overall: I don’t often complain about ABV on scotch, but this needs more. This was interesting, but so muted, closed off and just timid. It was really hard to get much on the palate and the finish, and I’m left disappointed. I’ll take 15yr Solera over this any day. 

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Rank: 4

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