Review #1085 – Mansinthe: Absinthe By Marilyn Manson

Review #1085 | Mansinthe: Absinthe by Marilyn Manson

The Schtick: “Switzerland- Mansinthe is a natural absinthe, distilled from vermouth, aniseed, fennel and other fine herbs. The product is made without pre-sweetening or the use of artificial flavorings to insure the highest quality possible – appeals to absinthe lovers and novices alike.”

Distiller: Matter Distillery (Switzerland)

ABV: 66.6% ABV

Age: N/A

Nose: Anise, almond, vanilla bean and cassia

Taste: Thick and rich mouth feel but at the cost of some serious heat. Sweet anise, honey, vanilla, light cassia. Mildly earthy but the anise dominates as would be expected.

Finish: Really long and powerful. Not too hot here, but the heat is present. Warming, sweet and medicinal with a nice hint of candied anise. Slight horehound. 

Overall: Overall really nice. The proof is powerful, and overall I have nothing to complain about. This is great neat, and I bet it would be good in cocktails as well.

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Rank: 6


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