Review #1095 – Havana Club 7yr Cuban Rum

Review #1095 | Rum Review #62 – Havana Club 7yr Cuban Rum

The Schtick: This is a rum distilled and bottled in Cuba. Currently embargoed by the United States, Cuban rum is only available from international retailers. 

Distiller: Havana Club (Cuba)

Bottler: Havana Club (Cuba)

ABV: 40% ABV

Age: 7 Years

Nose: Sweet almond, toffee, caramel and root beer barrel candies. Honey, toasted nuts and sweet syrupy molasses. Overall, very sweet, but no heat and no astringency. 

Taste: Thin mouth feel, still no heat. Sweet toffee, pecans, caramel and more syrupy sweetness. The continuation of the sugar-y root beer candy is interesting. Overall, no astringency, very little oak body. Not bitter.

Finish: Short, loaded wtih cocoa, toffee and caramel. No heat.

Overall: Thin overall and very sweet, but not terrible. This is more enjoyable than the US counterpart.

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Rank: 5


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