Review #1096 – Booker’s 30th Anniversary Edition Bourbon

Review #1096| Bourbon Review #557 – Booker’s 30th Anniversary

The Schtick: This is a limited edition release from Beam/Suntory celebrating the 30th year of Booker’s expressioons in their product line. While it cannot legally carry an age statement to represent the age of the oldest constituent, it is listed as a blend of 30% 16 year old bourbon and 70% 9 year old bourbon.

Distiller: Beam / Suntory (Kentucky, USA)

Bottler: Beam / Suntory (Kentucky, USA)

ABV: 62.9% ABV

Age: NAS 

Nose: Rich nose, filled with caramel, nutty sweetness, strong oak presence and clove. Orange peel follows along with strong coffee, cocoa and toffee. 

Taste: Rich and thick but very hot. Spicy, loaded with clove and leather, faint tobacco and dry, bitter oak. Good deal of pepper. Punishing heat on the palate though.

Finish: Long, continuing the punishment. Lots of toffe, caramel, astringent oak with pepper and faint vanilla.

Overall: This isn’t great, but it also isn’t bad. It’s disjointed, moving from sweet and rich to bitter and punishing. I bet it makes a baller old fashioned.

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Rank: 5

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