Review #1102 – Great Lakes Distillery Rehorst Gin

Review #1102 | Gin Review #13 – Rehorst Gin

The Schtick: This is a gin produced by a local distiller here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rehorst gin is named after the founder of Great Lakes Distillery, Guy Rehorst, and features some interesting botanicals. 

“Not quite your traditional London Dry, not quite a Dutch Genevere. Often referred to as one of the “New American” style gins. Whatever you call it – there is no doubt that Rehorst Gin is exceptional.

Rehorst Gin owes its unique character to a host of botanical ingredients which are balanced and distilled in small batches using the best equipment we know of – our distiller’s sense of smell and taste!

Made with 9 botanical ingredients including two never found in any gin before. The first, sweet basil adds a unique fresh floral character. Next, we use Wisconsin Ginseng – long recognized as the worlds finest quality ginseng. The majority of this crop is exported to Asia where it is revered by herbalists. We use it to add an earthiness to our gin that gives it a unique Wisconsin flavor.” – Great Lakes Distillery. 

Distiller: Great Lakes Distillery

Bottler: Great Lakes Distillery 

ABV: 44% ABV

Age: N/A

Nose: Vibrant lemon, citrus peel, black pepper and juniper. Vanilla, creamy sweetness. Honey. Good hit of cardamom.

Taste: Medium mouth feel. No heat. Sweet cream, honey, lemon, herbal almond, coriander and juniper. By no means a juniper bomb. 

Finish: Long, rich and lightly sweet. Herbal and lightly citric focuses, the spice and pepper swoop in and exit nicely with one sizeable juniper punch.

Overall: Really great local offering and one I plan to continue buying on the regular. As far as gins go, I’ve really grown to love this one, although it trends towards the pricier side from time to time. 

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Rank: 6

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