Review #1104 – Old Cabin Still 5yr Bourbon Stitzel Weller 1972

Review #1104 | Bourbon Review #560 – Old Cabin Still 5yr Bourbon Stitzel Weller 1972

The Schtick: This is a 5 year bourbon distilled at Stitzel Weller in Kentucky in 1972. It was bottled in 1977 and represents what is widely agreed upon to be a bygone era in bourbon production. Given that Stitzel Weller is now shuttered from distilling, it has taken a spot on the mantel of famed distilleries, with some of their products sitting at the head of the hype roundtable. Let’s see how this one compares:

Distiller: Stitzel Weller

Bottler: Stitzel Weller

ABV: 43% ABV

Age: 5 Years

Nose: Rich toffee, honey, moist tobacco. Old paper. Caramel and pralines. 

Taste: Thin mouth feel. No real heat at all. Sweet and rich confectioners sugar, lots of musty caramel. Faintly savory. Praline, musty tobacco. 

Finish: Long and rich with lots of honey, marzipan, pipe tobacco and amaretto notes. Good oak presence without being overbearing. 

Overall: Really great dram, and although it can’t top other old Stitzel Weller distillate I’ve reviewed in the past, this still does a great job reaching up in the rankings. The complexity despite the thin mouth feel and the length and richness of the finish were incredible. 

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Rank: 7

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