Review #1105 – Magellan Gin

Review #1105 | Gin Review #14 – Magellan Gin

The Schtick: Despite hosting what may be the most decrepit website on the net, Magellan gin brings some neat things to the table. First off, it’s blue. Second, it is made with 11 botanicals: cloves, Iris root and flower, juniper, cinnamon, cassia, orange peel, coriander, licorice, grains of paradise, cardamom and nutmeg. Also, I don’t know if I mentioned this already, but it’s blue. It’s imported from France, and it’s blue. 

Distiller: Magellan

Bottler: Magellan

ABV: 44% ABV

Age: N/A

Nose: Crazy floral, loaded with juniper. White pepper, honey, perfume. 

Taste: Medium mouth feel. No heat. Sweet honey, then a blast of floral character. Juniper presence is medium to high. Nice bouquet, but sort of one note in that its almost all flowery perfume notes. 

Finish: Short to medium length. Mild. Flowery, perfume-y, sweet.

Overall: A fun dram, and the blue is neat, but it’s one noted and a floral overdrive. Delicious, but you shouldn’t be reaching for this unless you want a crazy floral dram. 

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Rank: 5


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