Review #1110 – Port Dundas 46 Year 1971 Murray McDavid

Review #1110 | Bourbon Review #375 – Port Dundas 46 Year 1971 Murray McDavid

The Schtick: “Port Dundas 46 Year Old 1971 vintage Lowland single grain Scotch whiskey. Single cask refill bourbon barrel #14001 bottled 2018 by Murray McDavid for the Select Grain series.” – The Whisky Barrel

Distiller: Port Dundas

Bottler: Murray & McDavid

ABV: 47.7% ABV

Age: 46 Years

Cask: #14001 | Bourbon Barrel

Nose: Sweet cream, honey and lemon zest. Rich caramel, toffee and ashy smoke. Faintly mineral, with a good deal of earthy richness and some fragrant orange peel. Really complex and diverse. The smoke note is welcome and interesting.

Taste: Medium mouth feel. No heat. Rich cocoa, honey, caramel. Vanilla bean, orange peel and a floral note. Then the smoke arrives – faint by present. Lightly ashy, like faint burning wood and minerality. Crushed stone, not unlike a complex unoaked chard.

Finish: Long, rich and again loaded with flavor. Honey, rich oak structure here met with caramel, vanilla and orange zest. The smoke is subdued more here, but present. It blends with the sweet, floral and fruity character really nicely. 

Overall: Wow, this is just phenomenal. I don’t know why I’m not buying more old grain but this is a winner through and through. I need more of this. 

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Rank: 8


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