Review #1117 – Vago Alquino Garcia Sierra Negra

Review #1117 | Agave Review #10 – Vago Alquino Garcia Sierra Negra

The Schtick: “Agave Sierra Negra is a sub-varietal of the Agave Americana family. It takes up to 25 years to mature. Sierra Negra is quite rare. It was widely cultivated many years ago but due to the plant’s low seed yield, small amount of hijuelos (agave pups), and lengthy maturation time, agave Sierra Negra has been mostly abandoned in favor of Agave Espadin. Mezcalero Aquilino Garcia’s first batch of 100% agave Sierra Negra with Mezcal Vago was produced in April 2018 with just 7 agave piñas that yielded 84 liters of mezcal. Each piña weighed an average of 315 pounds. They were harvested by hand from the Lomas de Cocoshle parcel, which belongs to Aquilino’s brother Benito. After the agave hearts were roasted, they were left to rest for two weeks before being crushed and distilled.” – MezcalReviews So, this is a fairly high profile release of a not ubiquitous agave varietal. I’m very excited to give it a go, so let’s dive in. 

Distiller: Vago

Bottler: Vago

ABV: 58.3% ABV

Age: N/A

Mezcalero: Aquilino Garcia Lopez

Agave: Sierra Negra

Distillation: Copper

Style: Joven

State: Oaxaca

Town: Candelaria Yegole

Age of plant: 25 years

Batch size: 84 liters

Release year: 2018

Nose: Rich agave right off the bat. Prickly pear, starfruit, brine, minerality, light acidity, mustiness and some sour vinegar. Light sweetness.

Taste: Thick and rich, loaded with sweetness. Brown sugar, vanilla bean, passion fruit. Mango, charcoal, light brine, strong minerality. No acidity here. No heat, either. Lots of floral, with some faint copper. 

Finish: Long, rich and enticing. Pear, apple, musty earthiness. Tobacco, faint metallic notes, light brine. Soil and sea air. 

Overall: Incredible offering here. Delicious and complex. 

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7


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