Review #1121 – Calumet 12yr Black Batch Single Rack Bourbon

Review #1121 | Bourbon Review #564 – Calumet 12yr Black Batch

The Schtick: This is a bottling of a run if 19 barrels of Kentucky bourbon. According to Calumet: “All barrels used are aged in a single, center cut rack from the ideal maturation location and conditions inside the rick house. This expression of the Calumet Farm Bourbon family is a true convergence of craftsmanship and flavor.”

Distiller: Undisclosed Kentucky Distiller

Bottler: Calumet

ABV: 47% ABV

Age: 12 Years

Nose: Oak, honey, ethanol and strangely enough – Red Vine candies. Really strange. Sweet and fruity, more artificially so (not to imply this is dosed or flavored – it just smells like some artificially flavored candy out there) with a faint backbone of oak.

Taste: Thin mouth feel, gets a little better with time. No real heat, but it’s pretty flat. The oak is first to show, followed by some astringency, vanilla and some more red licorice candy. Almost even a bit of a Swedish Fish note. Truly weird. 

Finish: Short, not a lot of heat, but not a ton of complexity either. Oaky, dry, some vanilla and more persisting candy notes. 

Overall: Honestly, I don’t really know what to make of this. The age is apparent in the oak, but perhaps a hair heavy handed. Not really an issue. The candy fruit notes are crazy interesting though, although I’m not sure I super love them.

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Rank: 4


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