Review #1129 – Barrell 13yr Canadian Rye, Batch L940

Review #1129 | Bourbon Review #567 – Barrell 13yr Canadian Rye Batch L940

The Schtick: This is a sourced rye bottled for Barrell Spirits. It was distilled at Alberta in Canada, and was aged for 13 years before being bottled at cask strength, with no coloring or filtering. 

Distiller: Undisclosed Canadian

Bottler: Barrell

Selection: N/A

ABV: 63.45% ABV

Age: 13 Years 

Nose: Honey, pepper, orange peel. Fresh baked bread, oak, some caramel. Lot more ethanol than I expected.

Taste: Thick and rich but hot. Copper penny, honey, oak, orange peel. Caramel, really powerful rye spice. Clove, wintergreen, brown sugar and maple. 

Finish: Long, but really hot, sweet and loaded with spice. Really herbal and peppery, loads of clove. Faint molasses and brown sugar. 

Overall: I liked this, but wish it would have stuck with some more of the bread-y, sweet, caramel forward notes from the nose and beginning of the palate. The herbal notes really stepped in with an overpowering presence that I felt left it a bit unbalanced. 

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Rank: 6


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