Review #1131 – Bernheim 7yr Wheat Whiskey

Review #1131 | Bourbon Review #568 – Bernheim 8yr Wheat Whiskey

The Schtick: This is a wheat whiskey distilled at Bernheim. Wheated bourbon are aften placed at the height of the bourbon craze, although wheat whiskeys appear to escape relatively unscathed. 

Distiller: Bernheim

Bottler: Bernheim

Selection: N/A

ABV: 45% ABV

Age: 7 Years

Nose: Soft sweet, lots of honey and caramel. Faint vanilla. Light oak presence. Not too aggressive, but complex and well rounded. 

Taste: Medium mouth feel. No real heat here, but lots of good flavor. Oak is present but balanced, which pairs nicely with tobacco, vanilla, caramel and light pepper. Really nice complexity. 

Finish: Medium to long in length, more sweet than savory here. The oak and tobacco drop off in favor of the vanilla, caramel and some rich nougat here. 

Overall: It’s been a couple years since I’ve tasted this one, but it’s still a winner in my book. I’d take this over OWA/W12 on just about any day, and I love that it can also be found with relative ease. 

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Rank: 6


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