Review #1156 – L’Encantada Domaine del Cassou 1998 “Hail Yak” (Cask #44) Bas-Armagnac

Review #1156 | Brandy Review #43 – L’Encantada Domaine del Cassou 1998 “Hail Yak” (Cask #44) Bas-Armagnac

The Schtick: This is an independent bottling of armagnac distilled at Cassou in 1998 by L’Encantada. After 20 years aging, this was bottled at cask strength with no coloring or filtering for the Aficionados Discord Server. Hail.

Since I was involved in making this selection, it will not be scored.

Distiller: Domaine del Cassou

Bottler: L’Encantada 

Selection: Aficionados

ABV: 49.2% ABV

Age: 20 Years

Nose: Sweet salted caramel. Pepper, honey, clove. Red licorice candies. Toffee, hot buttered rum, rich sweetness. Musty pipe tobacco.

Taste: Medium mouth feel. Honey, caramel, some heat. Salted caramel, clove, rich pipe tobacco. Anise and red licorice, blackberry and currant. Nougat candies. 

Finish: Long and rich, lots of currant, pipe tobacco, salted caramel and honey. 

Overall: Bucking a trend of very bourbon-y armagnacs, this is a great look at some interesting features found in armagnacs from lesser known domaines. 

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