Review #116. Kilchoman Sherry Cask

Review #116 | /r/Scotch Review #45 – Kilchoman Sherry Cask

The Schtick: Kilchoman aged in a sherry cask.

Distiller: Kilchoman

Bottler: Kilchoman

ABV: 46% ABV

Age: NAS

Source: Sample

Nose: There’s brine and peat, it’s a sweet peat with nice tires and vegetation but no bandaids. Mmmmm. Very mild hint of the sherry sweet and some vanilla. Mostly smoke though.

Taste: For a sherry casked dram, there isn’t nearly as much as I was expecting. Mostly smoke and peat, with some cinnamon, vanilla and hay with a mild fringe of sherry here and there. I think this is due to the relative youth of the spirit.

Finish: Medium and a bit sweeter than the palate would have made me think was coming. Still mostly smoke and hay, but there’s some brine sticking around here too. It’s interesting and playful.

Overall: I like this. I don’t love it – but if it sat in a PX or Olo barrel for a few more years, we might have a whole new beast on our hands. I probably wouldn’t pick up a full bottle yet but I’m heavily invested in trying future years expressions. I like Kilchoman and what they’re doing and I’m looking forward to trying more of their offerings

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Rank: 6


1 | Disgusting | So bad I poured it out.

2 | Poor | I wouldn’t consume by choice.

3 | Bad | Multiple flaws.

4 | Sub-par | Not bad, but many things I’d rather have.

5 | Good | Good, just fine.

6 | Very Good | A cut above.

7 | Great | Well above average

8 | Excellent | Really quite exceptional.

9 | Incredible | An all time favorite

10 | Perfect | Perfect


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