Review #1161 – Glenfarclas 9yr Single Cask Nation Blend of Casks

Review #1161 | Scotch Review #393 – Glenfarclas 9yr Single Cask Nation Blend of Casks FF Oloroso #2979 Second Fill Oloroso #2604

The Schtick: This is an independent bottling of distillate produced at Glenfarclas and bottled by Single Cask Nation. It is a blend of two Oloroso matured casks, with a 9 year age statement. It is bottled without coloring or filtering, at cask strength.

Distiller: Glenfarclas

Bottler: Single Cask Nation

Selection: Single Cask Nation

ABV: 59.5% ABV

Age: 9 Years

Nose: Rich fig, sherry and pepper. Sweet honey, tart raspberry and a nice creaminess.

Taste: Thick, rich mouth feel. Some heat, a bit more than I was expecting for the proof. Lots of honey, fig, cocoa and pepper. Then the sulfur kicks up, along with some savory oak and leather.

Finish: Short to medium in length, but with a searing heat. A bit hotter than Id like, and likely due to the youth, in my opinion. Lots of honey, pepper, currants and figs here along with some light oak presence.

Overall: I liked this, but it was a bit heavy on the ethanol and sulfur for me.

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Rank: 5

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