Review #1571 – La Medida Espadin

The Schtick: This is an Espadin distilled by Maestro Celso Luis Santiago using agave Espadin harvested in 2019. Distilled in San Pedro Quialoni this release saw fermentation in wood barrels and a double copper distillation in 2019. Batch RGO-E1503US. I’m super stoked to see Medida doing 200ml bottlings, so I snapped up one of each of all 6 expressions they released at KLWines. If you know me, you know how much I support when brands do this, and it makes it a no brainer to buy these up in support of that, in my opinion. Anyways, back to the agave. Let’s get to it.

Review #1571 | Mezcal Review #109

Distiller: Celso Luis Santiago

Bottler: La Medida

Brand: La Medida

Selection: N/A

ABV: 49.54% ABV

Age: NA

Nose: This is bonkers – bubble gum, cotton candy, jawbreaker candies. So bright, sweet, fruity and candy like. Big perfume forward nose, with lots going on. The best word I could summon if I had to pick one descriptor is JuicyFruit.

Taste: Sweet and viscous – coats the tongue nicely. Lots of sweet candy notes, namely Swedish fish. Red berries, faint licorice. Then the smoke. Ashy wood smoke, faint plastic. Some minerals.

Finish: Long finish but more ashy and smoky here. The fruits have all but wisped away, to leave woody smoke and some chemical tastes.

Overall: This is all over the place. That nose is insane, but I’m really not a huge fan of the one noted finish. It’s good, but man, it could have been really great.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 5



0 | Unscored | New Make Spirit or Personal Selection.

1 | Disgusting | So bad I poured it out.

2 | Poor | I wouldn’t consume by choice.

3 | Bad | Multiple flaws.

4 | Sub-par | Not bad, but many things I’d rather have.

5 | Good | Good, just fine.

6 | Very Good | A cut above.

7 | Great | Well above average

8 | Excellent | Really quite exceptional.

9 | Incredible | An all time favorite

10 | Perfect | Perfect

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