Review #183. Thomas H Handy Sazerac Rye 2011

Whiskey Network Review #183 | /r/Bourbon Review #101: Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye 2011, 128.6pf

This is the 2011 Vintage

Nose: Pepper and butter. Caramel and toffee with some nice peanut brittle notes. Not Beam funk peanut but a sweet, salty, savory combination of salt and pepper and buttery caramel.

Taste: Not too punishing on the palate for the proof. Thick rye spice, a good deal of pepper and butter. Sweet nougaty toffee. For such a young product, this really shines with relatively minimal roughness on the edges.

Finish: Medium long – grows hotter but for the proof it is pleasant and delicious. Lots of buttery caramel and pepper. A good dusting of clove.

Overall: I wish I had my paws on this when I did the full SBS but my inner curiosity is a fiend – so I pulled out my bottle of 2012 to compare this sample to. This is a bit more peppery – the 2012 a bit sweeter but both are absurdly delicious for their age. I can’t say that I have a favorite but I’m not complaining one bit that I’m in this pickle. Or rather, no pickle at all since this isn’t MGP rye. I really like rye and cask strength rye makes me even happier. I’m rating this fine fellow an 8 which means it’s quite the dram to talk about on the scale. At Rank 8, Thomas H Handy Sazerac Rye 2011 sits next to other big guns like Smooth Ambler Cask Strength Rye, Whistle Pig Store Select Rye and High West’s Midwinter’s Night Dram. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 8


1 | Disgusting | So bad I poured it out.

2 | Poor | I wouldn’t consume by choice.

3 | Bad | Multiple flaws.

4 | Sub-par | Not bad, but many things I’d rather have.

5 | Good | Good, just fine.

6 | Very Good | A cut above.

7 | Great | Well above average

8 | Excellent | Really quite exceptional.

9 | Incredible | An all time favorite

10 | Perfect | Perfect

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