Review #190 – Blantons Straight from the Barrel

Whiskey Network Review #190 | /r/Bourbon Review #106: Blanton’s Straight From the Barrel, 133.3pf

Dumped on 5/21/2015

Nose: Malty and sweet. Cereal grains, caramel, sugar and cream. Mild cinnamon and clove but the nose is all about sweet on this fella.

Taste: Thin mouth feel despite the proof, and quite hot. Rough, sweet caramel and cream. Some corn and clove and cinnamon and there’s not much more here. It’s sweet and hot which is always an interesting combination.

Finish: The finish is long, which is what I had hoped. But it’s exceedingly hot for the proof. It’s just not enjoyable to try and pull more notes here because the heat is crushing any other notable flavors except for sweet, cloying caramel.

Overall: I’m not going to lie, and I have a feeling it will upset some or a lot of you, but I don’t like this dram. I’d take CEHT Barrel Proof, ECBP or Booker’s over this sucker on any given day without a second thought. It’s good, but really it doesn’t shine as high as I was expecting it to based on the reactions of people trying to procure a bottle for themselves. I like that it is sweet but it really fell flat on my expectations. If I could, I’d slot this sucker into a “budget barrel proof” category. Feels rough and hot – let’s half the price and be realistic about what you’re getting. It’s a little better than the average, I wouldn’t turn it down if handed to me, but you can bet that if I saw the shimmer of a Booker’s box within a square mile I’d drop this in a flash in favor of that. For all of those reasons, I’m giving this dram a 6. A cut above but really it barely got here due to my love of caramel and malty sweet. Nonetheless, Blanton’s has been humbled and sits here at rank 6 with the likes of Eagle Rare 10, Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10yr and CEHT Single Barrel.

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Rank: 6

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