Review #192. Redemption 7yr Barrel Proof Rye

Whiskey Network Review #192 | /r/Bourbon Review #107: Redemption Rye 7yr Barrel Proof, 122.4pf

Nose: Mild lovable MGP dill, rye spice like clove and cinnamon. Buttery caramel with a nice helping of cracked pepper and peanut brittle. I’m liking it so far.

Taste: Rich and hot caramel. Clove and spearmint. A good helping of that nice spearmint and dill. Molasses. As I taste further it is becoming more and more like a nice Saturday morning of pancakes with mrs. butterworths. Mmmm. But it’s starting to grow acidic and metallic. What on earth, no no no.

Finish: Long and hot with metallic tones taking over. Molasses and mint with some brown sugar to boot. More tinny, minty aftertaste and the heat here is also starting to crush the notes I was enjoying just a moment ago.

Overall: This dram really turns around. The nose and palate begin amazing – just like a rye I would love to love. But towards the end of the palate and all through the finish it grows hot, rough and funky – rife with metallic tinny notes. I still enjoy it a lot but I’m disappointed that it could not keep up the initial trajectory which I thought would propel it much farther than a 6. Sorry, RRye 7yr BP.
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Rank: 6

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