Review #194. Benriach 12yr Sherry

Whiskey Network Review #194 | /r/Scotch Review #77: BenRiach 12yr Sherry, 92pf

Nose: Grapes and figs, some white wine and oddly not too much vanilla sweetness. There’s less winey sweetness and more fruity tang (more sour than sweet) than I expected.

Taste: Mild and a tad astringent. A bit hot. Grapes, sherry notes come in force here, some plumb and creamy vanilla custard sweetness. This still doesn’t feel like your typical sherried dram but I think that’s due to the underlying spirit here and I’m guessing it didn’t spend all 12 years in ex-sherry. I like it though because it’s different and actually exhibits some nice balance.

Finish: Medium, mildly hot but overall it’s a nice fruity sweet dram. Perfect for the summer evening I’m enjoying it on here on the porch.

Overall: Overall, this dram is good and solid but doesn’t do any one thing exceptionally well.

Rank: 5

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